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Full Service Auto Detailer Company in Tustin, Orange County, CA | DP Tint & Detail

About Us


DP Tint is a great example of an American success story as we started out small and through dedication and hard work built up to where we are now and are still building. As the owner of DP Tint I have 34 years of experience, knowledge and research combined with proven success to pave the way for future growth.

My passion for this industry started back in 1978 as a result of two key jobs I had. I started repairing sun-damaged interiors of cars with my first job and after that had a job installing window film in homes. Unfortunately the window film company had some financing issues but my work there combined with my work on automobiles’ interiors really ignited my interest in window tinting. One of the big reasons for window tinting homes was to prevent sun damage to the home’s interior. I thought about that and about repairing an automobile’s interior due to sun damage and put two and two together and decided to focus on auto tinting and its benefits in protecting an automobile’s interior.

This was a new idea and the challenge was educating the public on the functional benefits of window tinting in automobiles – it was no longer just for aesthetics but for interior protect and maximum comfort as well.

In 1984 the business took off and became internationally recognized and respected. We became the go to place for care of cars of all types – from expensive custom cars to household vehicles. We even received mention in VW and Porsche Magazine. It was at this time that I began training people how to tint cars and start their own company. Within a short time I was teaching people all over the world.


DP Tint’s next focus was taking auto-detailing to the next level using cutting edge technology. The first things I focused on were the industry issues keeping auto-detailing from being as close to perfection as possible if not perfection. One of those issues that was considered an industry norm but still bothered me was paint swirling – detailing tended to be on or off because no one could polish paint without swirling.

For the next five years I did a lot of research and development to figure out why the polishing process swirls paint and that research and development paid off because on the first step we hit no swirls.

This brings me to where we are right now with our current innovation. Once I figured out a polishing process that didn’t swirl paint I realized the lighting system that is common in the auto detailing industry does not detect haze at the finest most detailed level that is needed for the best auto detailing result. I also realized that if I could improve the magnification of the lighting system and combine that with the new no-swirl polishing process auto detailing could be taken to levels never before imagined in the industry.

I communicated my ideas to researchers at Cal State who were interested in working with me on these ideas. I partnered with Cal State to produce a lighting system that detects the finest haze to work with our polishing process.

With my 34 years of experiments and knowledge, we have created a system that magnified at 1500 times is the only way to detect the finest haze that cannot be detected with the human eye with this process we will bring your paint back to its purest shine, a level of shine that couldn’t be accomplished without the benefit of these new technologies.

These innovations put DP Tint on track for its next large growth opportunity. I hope you are as excited as we are and I look forward to talking to you more about this.

Ken Luna, Owner


Call for an appointment at (714) 259-0702